As some of you might noticed we are going through a very rich period in music…It’s a true challenge to choose what you will buy as there’s too many good records around to listen. I leave here some of the latest purchases and some forthcoming ones:

1. SHIT ROBOT "wrong galaxy" (dfa)
2. THE EMPEROR MACHINE "vertical tones and horizontal noises part. 4" (dc recordings)
3. MARK E "Smiling/for love" (jiscomusic)
4. RHYTHM & SOUND "remixes #4" (burial mix Germany)
5. LINDSTROM & PRINS THOMAS "Ballerina" (Cottage)
6. CAMEO-NET "who was that/mantus rock" (white)
8. WILL POWERS "adventures in success" (island re-issue)
9. PRODUCT OF SOCIETY "can you rock" (society)
10. DELIA GONZALES & GAVIN RUSSOM "Relevee (remixes)" (dfa)
11. REVERSO 68 "Tokyo disco" (Eskimo)
12. TOBY TOBIAS "a closer shave" (rekids)
13. BRENNAN GREEN "cool ranch" (modal)
14. CHEMISE "she can’t love you" (Emergency re-issue)

On the pipeline and forthcoming, we have the Dj Harvey “Map Of Africa” album on Whatever We Want Records, and his new project coming out on Tirk…needless to say that all should be as good as it can get from this living legend. Still on Tirk and forthcoming are Sugar Daddy album, Syclops album, Sean P ep and Pablo Psychonaut ep. Noid Recordings is coming back with another Lp full of disco madness from Cottage’s Phantom Hand Band. In the same disco edits tip, comes the new “signing” for Big Bear records, "Edizioni Civitella – I templari dell’apocalisse” with some serious cuts here, from disco to techno related tracks. New Lindstrom track is already doing the rounds on cd-r. It samples the “Chaplin Band – Il veliero” and turns the already great bass line from the original version into a irresistible disco boogie. His partner, Prins Thomas, has a new great track called “fehrara” doing the “discomiks” rounds in cd-r as well, and should be out one day on the O’tits label (cant really confirm this label). A new Kathy Diamond track called “all woman” (cant confirm the track name as well) is causing some anxiety to the people that listened it on the Maurice Fulton’s live’s just another amazing production from him that will be out, and I quote the author “when I’m tired of playing it”. Lexx should release his ep on Bear Funk soon enough and it will be a good journey into some laid back disco tunes.
Well, that’s all I can remember at moment. Plenty of good music will come out until the end of the year so, don’t sleep.