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Techno is:

"George Clinton and Kraftwerk stuck in an elevator" --Derrick May
(even though very little, if any, techno ever bore a stylistic resemblance to Clinton's repertoire).

Manuel Göttsching E2-E4 (1984)

His 1984 album E2-E4 has been influential in the development of techno music, house music and ambient music.

"If there is one central idea in techno, it is of the harmony between man and machine."

"The 'soul' of the machines has always been a part of our music. Trance always belongs to repetition, and everybody is looking for trance in life... in sex, in the emotional, in pleasure, in anything... so, the machines produce an absolutely perfect trance."
--Ralf Hütter, 1991, quoted in Kraftwerk: Man Machine and Music, Pascal Bussy