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isolee - lost (mp3)

there are some things that just radiate quality once they have a nationality attatched to them. english fish & chips. swiss watches. brazilian women. and german techno. nobody (bar the detroit masters) do it like the germans. epic lengths, subtle changes and intricate layers of melody are staple characteristics. rajko müller knows this, knows how high the bar is set, and still manages to clear it quite confidently everytime he steps into the studio. whilst the scene has morphed through guises such as intelligent dance music, click-house and, more recently, minimal, isolee has managed to stay at the forefront of any movement and craft his own unique and immediately noticeable style. last year's we are monster was a rare treat - an album by a dance artist but not for dancing, with no claims of "this one's for the clubs", just 10 perfect tracks lovingly crafted into a headphone masterpiece.

but it's good to know that when he makes a track for the dancefloors, it doesn't dissapoint. this is from western store, a compilation of tracks released on 12" through playhouse inbetween rajko's two albums. there are so many gems on there, but I had to pick this just for it's jaw dropping conclusion, where the track seems to end only to pick back up again in spectacular fashion. pick it up from here.

"lost" is a quite apt title for a first post in four weeks. i've just moved into my first home, and completed what must be one of the most stressful events in anyone's life. thank's for the kind "where are you" requests whilst we've been away, it's nice to know people pay attention to this thing of ours!

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Boiado disse...

sempre cool...big fowards

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Moonrise disse...

Nunca pensei encontrar um blog português a falar sobre as novas têndencias do disco,os meus sinceros parabens.
Quem me dera ter vivido nessa epoca :)
good vibes
Dj Moonrise "Hugo Clemente"