Todd Terje (Full Pupp) Interview

Todd Terje is responsible for some of the best music being produced at moment. From his original 12"s on Full Pupp records, remixes of artists such as Lindstrom, Felix Laband, etc.. to his re-edits works under the name of Tangoterje on labels such as Supreme records or G.A.M.M. , you cant go wrong with this man.
1. So where did the name Todd Terje come from ?

I've never been any good with coming up with names or titles...Todd Terry of course. Norwegian humour is a bit different than english humour, irony isstill the thing here, hehe.

2. So how did you come to be on Full Pupp and recording with Prins Thomas?

It was very convenient, both live in Oslo, neither of us had any contactsabroad. The plan was always to make something for his Tamburin label, but I didn't actually finish anything until it went down and Full Pupp appeared.

3. Hows the world of studying and jugglin' making records ?

Works out fine, I never study in the weekends anyway. I would love to stayfor longer periods when playing abroad, but I can't miss the lectures at theuniversity.

4. Whats the big thing in the world of Astro Pyhsics at the moment ?

Haven't got a clue, I just switched to general physics, hehe. Mars I guess.

5. Whats been your highlight so far of being the next norwegian superstarproducer + dj?

Being introduced as "the next norwegian superstar producer + dj" in aninterview... Don't know actually, maybe a few days ago, when I got an email from August Darnell? I fell off my chair!

6. If you could put together your own balearic super group who would be init ? you would be producing the record!

Gwen Guthrie on vocals, Kurt Hauenstein and Robbie Shakespeare on Bass, Sly Dunbar on drums, Wally Badarou, Giorgio Moroder and Arthur Russell on keyboards, Nile Rodgers, Pat Metheny and Manuel Göettsching on guitars, August Darnell & his Coconuts on coconuts and Andy Hernandez (Coati Mundi) on vibes or something. Wonder how THAT would sound...

7. if you could remix any artist past/present/future who would it be and why?

Hmm, don't know. If I respect an artist/song deeply enough, then it probably won't need remixing anway. Would love to lay my hands on the multitracks on Downtown Samba by Yello though, it deserves an extension.

8. Whats your dreams for 2006 and whats coming next from the productionstudio of Mr Todd Terje ?

I would like to be more productive and maybe do an album + some moresingles. After that, I would love to do something strange. Something outside the tiny world of vinyls/djs.Next out is a couple of remixes, "Another Station" by Lindstrom and"Whistling In Tongues" by Felix Laband + a bunch of edits as usual. I'm just about to start a remix of Dr.Buzzard's "Sunshower", that should be good! The track is pure brilliance as it is, only not for the dancefloors. Yet.

9. Whats your favourite record in your box at the moment & why ?

Madonna - La Isla Bonita, because it gives me a feeling of doing somethingillegal when I'm playing it, hehe.

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coconut jam disse...

I can’t help it! Temos que agradecer a Stevie Wonder e ao Michael. Sem eles não havia o grande (enorme!) re-edit de Todd Terje. Mas a verdade é que este senhor conseguiu transformar uma pérola num diamante...

Pee Play disse...

Like Todd Terje?
Come see him DJ a 2 Hour Set in San Francisco on August 26th (2007) at the Raw Hide in SOMA. Details at or


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